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Does your dog have more than enough energy? Do they love to fetch, swim, sniff, retrieve, pull, chase, run or catch? These are all traits of an athletic dog just waiting for a job.  Dog sports are an amazing way to take your dog’s strengths and natural instincts and put them to work. Sports can be an outlet for excess energy, destructive behavior or annoying habits. Is your four legged friend’s nose always on the ground? Learn about tracking and give your dog something to sniff! Does your dog love to play fetch? Try out sports like disc dogs, hunt tests, or flyball. Do they love to swim? Take them out to the lake or try the high flying sport of dock diving. Does your dog adore affection? Get them certified as a therapy dog and visit hospitals or nursing homes.

Dogs are bred for all sorts of purposes, from herding cattle to controlling pests to keeping humans company. Whether purebred or mixed breed, the one thing all dogs have in common is a job they are meant to do. The happiest pups are those who get to work! And, the wide range of dog sports available for recreation and competition allow any dog and handler team to find one (or several) that are perfect them! Training for a dog sport develops a strong relationship between dog and handler. Mutual respect, loyalty, and trust are the hallmarks of bonding, and each of those traits are easily developed through any one of the recreational and competitive dog sports!

Find out what motivates your dog and use that to develop the amazing bond that can only come from a strong working relationship. Your dog will thank you – they will be healthier and happier.

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